We are a friendly group of local meditators. We meet in various locations in the Llandrindod/Builth area.


The group is affiliated with Gaia House, a Buddhist Insight Meditation retreat centre. However, some members follow meditation teachers from other schools.


We meet on Sunday afternoons, 3-5pm, for meditation and discussion. Twice a year we organise a day-long retreat with a teacher from Gaia House and other traditions/ schools.


During the weekly meetings we:

  • Meditate for 30 minutes
  • Listen to a short recorded talk
  • Discuss questions arising from the talk or meditation
  • Enjoy tea and cake

Beginners are welcome.




Kirsten Kratz - 4 study sessions in 2015
Exploring the Treasures Within

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David Elias - 24 April 2016
The call of the earth: reconnecting with nature through mindfulness

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